About Me

I guess you could say baking is in my blood. I grew up with a mom and grandma that baked all the time. My first 4-H fair project was a double crust blueberry pie. After relocating to Texas in 2011, I realized that baking from scratch was not prominent in all parts of the country and was quickly becoming a lost art. I shared baked goods with friends and coworkers, and soon I had people asking to place orders! 

Scratch By Sarah formally came to life in January of 2016. When I was creating my business model, I decided that titling Scratch as a "bakery and cupcakery" best suited my overall offerings. While the cupcake is my biggest specialty and what I'm most known for, I also make all sorts of cakes, cookies, brownies, bars and other desserts. Everything I make is from scratch. No shortcuts and no set menu. The creativity door is wide open for my customers.

For me, staying true to my morals and standards is the most important thing for my success. Often as businesses grow, in any industry, volume goes up and quality can suffer. For me, there's nothing more important than maintaining the quality my customers have come to expect.